License plate or personal philosophy?


Yesterday, while taking a break from trying to setup a new GoPro, I jumped on Twitter. I happened to come across a local Portland blog reviewing cars. I looked around and, before long, did a search for “Tesla” on the page; I came across the image at the top of the screen. I saw the original picture a while ago. I’ve always loved it because it’s a very active way to promote the advantages of an electric vehicle.


The Tesla Roadster has always struck me as a very quick and beautiful car, two qualities that have not been traditionally associated with electric vehicles. I first got to drive a Tesla Roadster back in 2008. Long story short: I loved it! There were definitely a few issues though. First off, being 6’3″ in essentially a heavily modified British sports car, I had some space issues. The legroom was tight, so, needless to say, I found myself stretching my right foot a lot. Plus, there was a lot of scrunching down or up just to see anything. The top of the glass and rearview mirror were at just the right height to block all vision of stop signs and red lights. (I have never blown through so many stop signs…although I was in California and people would have figured I was practicing my ‘California Stops.’) The acceleration and overall driving characteristics of the car were fantastic! If you’re going to get lost in the suburbs and hills around Palo Alto, like I did, I can’t recommend a better car!


The Tesla Roadster I was driving was Midnight Blue- a beautiful, understated color. However, as I said, the Tesla Roadster isn’t your typical electric vehicle. Even driving a car that was such an understated color, I got  a lot of attention. I pulled up to a red light and a brand new Porsche pulled up alongside me. The driver began revving the engine. The light turned green. The Porsche driver was quickly and easily placed in my rearview mirror. I pulled up to another red light. The Porsche finally pulled up beside me, and the driver looked furious. He turned and drove off. Then a little old woman driving a Prius pulled up and gave me a thumbs up. These interactions underscore the speed and environmental awareness of Tesla and really symbolize why Tesla’s electric cars are so innovative.


“Drive free”


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