“We didn’t start the fire…” – Billy Joel

Electric Vehicles have just as many myths behind them as the JFK assassination, Roswell and Elvis… combined. That could be a slight over estimate, but it’s not far off. One area that has created a lot of rumors is how an electric vehicle behaves in an accident. While there are all sorts of great safety designs built into Electric vehicles (plus not having ~15 gallons of highly flammable fuel in them helps too), the myths persist. I just came across a great video that highlights the safety features of electric vehicles. It’s designed to educate first responders for what to do in the event of an accident involving an electric vehicle.

Spoiler Alert: There are some scenes that may be hard to stomach… A Tesla Model S is slowly torn apart using the “Jaws of Life” starting at about 27:30. Plus there are some nice action shots of the Tesla factory in the video.

I’ve spoken with firemen who understandably are fearful of working on electric vehicles in an accident. This video has been very well received  The hosts really slow it down and walk through some of the myths. Then they go over the steps of what to do in such a situation. I’ve already shared it with some people I know. I’d recommend sharing it with anyone that is in the industry.


“Drive Free”


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