Tesla Model S Walkthrough Video

Tesla Motors just posted a video that visually goes through the components and advantages of the vehicle. The video is also broken down into smaller ‘bite-sized’ videos highlighting certain focused aspects of the car.  I would have embedded the videos directly into this post, but unfortunately that is not currently a possibility. Check the links for the actual videos.

We’ve received questions from guests about how spacious a Model S is, specifically the rear seats, and I’ve generally compared it to some of the other larger luxury sedans, like an S-Class Mercedes (Mercedes and Tesla have more in common than you’d think…).  Tesla Trips is participating in some upcoming local events at which you’ll be able to see the spaciousness for yourselves. Continue reading


“We didn’t start the fire…” – Billy Joel

Electric Vehicles have just as many myths behind them as the JFK assassination, Roswell and Elvis… combined. That could be a slight over estimate, but it’s not far off. One area that has created a lot of rumors is how an electric vehicle behaves in an accident. While there are all sorts of great safety designs built into Electric vehicles (plus not having ~15 gallons of highly flammable fuel in them helps too), the myths persist. I just came across a great video that highlights the safety features of electric vehicles. It’s designed to educate first responders for what to do in the event of an accident involving an electric vehicle.

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