Fill ‘Er Up with “Gallons of Light” Video

Just came across this gorgeous “homemade” one minute ad for the Model S. The video is from Jordan Bloch’s blog. He has a couple of other great things on the blog, and all of us at Tesla Trips can’t wait to see more from him in the future!

The video is a very clean, emotional and minimalist way to showcase what makes Model S stand out. The video follows a family on a road trip and highlights the car’s revolutionary traits. From the ease of taking a road trip without worrying about ‘range anxiety’ to filling up at a Tesla Supercharger. This video delivers an efficient and emotional message as to why this is not only a game changing car, but part of a much larger revolution.  The feeling you get from watching the video encapsulates a vision and mentality. There was a billboard I once saw that conveyed a similar feeling and truth. Although, in a more somber and humorous way… It’s still one of may favorite billboard ads. Plus it couldn’t have been timed better, it was put up around the BP oil spill in the gulf:

“Drive Free”


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