Model S, the best PTA raffle prize ever?


I came across an interesting post on the Tesla Motors Forum pages. There is a PTA in Washington that is offering a Model S for a school raffle. At first this seemed too good to be true… I followed up and emailed Phil with the Garfield High School PTA. He responded to my email to confirm not only is it real, but with a press release that he has given to Plug in America and other news outlets:
“The Garfield High School PTSA selected the Tesla S sedan as the prize for its raffle this year. The parent organization conducts an annual raffle to raise money for programs to support students who are behind in their education. The raffle prize last year was a Nissan Leaf, so there is a significant jump in the sophistication and capabilities of the car this year. We have chosen electric cars to offer as a symbol of the future, as we think of education as being. The tickets for the raffle are $100 each and a limit of 1650 will be sold. The drawing is Friday, March 1 at the annual Auction/Gala of the PTSA. You do not have to be present to win. The Tesla S Sedan prize is the 85kwh model with panoramic roof, tech package, air suspension and leather. For details on the raffle, how to purchase tickets, and the specs on the car contact You must be a Washington State Resident to purchase raffle tickets and be18 years of age or over.”

As the rules state, you have to be a Washingtonian to be a part of the raffle. Although if you are, or know of someone who is, why not buy a ticket?! A good cause and possibly a great deal! Here is the link with info to fill out to be a part of the raffle. If you have any questions I recommend emailing Phil, and to all who (can) enter, good luck!


“Drive Free”


2 thoughts on “Model S, the best PTA raffle prize ever?

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