Fill ‘Er Up with “Gallons of Light” Video

Just came across this gorgeous “homemade” one minute ad for the Model S. The video is from Jordan Bloch’s blog. He has a couple of other great things on the blog, and all of us at Tesla Trips can’t wait to see more from him in the future! Continue reading


Model S, the best PTA raffle prize ever?


I came across an interesting post on the Tesla Motors Forum pages. There is a PTA in Washington that is offering a Model S for a school raffle. At first this seemed too good to be true… Continue reading

Model S Vs. Chevy Volt Drag Race

American startup Vs. American goliath. Electric power house vs. Eco marketing contraption. Motor Trend Car of The Year of 2013 Vs. Motor Trend Car of The Year of 2011. I think you can guess how this ends… I am wondering where all of the engine rumbling in the video is coming from though? Because I’m pretty sure it’s neither of these vehicles…

Thanks to the tesla Motors Club for the original link and video

“Drive Free”

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein


Becky at Phelps Creek Winery
At Tesla Trips we like to focus on not just good wine, but how you enjoy wine. We know there are other wine tours out there (we have Google too…). However what really makes us and our friends stand out are the experiences. This isn’t a “as you look to your right you can see…” tour. Tesla Trips is immersive, customizable, and most importantly, fun! As the title of this post suggests, the theme of this interview turned out to really be about experiences. Not to just create something entertaining and memorable, but an atmosphere for learning more about wine as well. One of our favorite wineries that creates rich experiences in the Gorge is Phelps Creek Vineyards. I sat down with Becky Morus from Phelps Creek Vineyards recently.

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