“All the effort in the world won’t matter, if you’re not inspired.” – Chuck Palahniuk

At Tesla Trips, we believe in creating experiences, not “just tours.” This is something we believe in. We use this ethos for everything. We choose to partner with and endorse other businesses who do the same. Our webpages will soon start revealing some of these great experiences and special treats we will offer our guests.


Via Conde Nast Traveler – Stunning Hotels in Extreme Locations

The point of our blog is to convey what we are inherently passionate about. This post will be be the first of more to come about the experiences Tesla Trips is going to deliver. Plus we can use this as a venue to show where we draw our inspiration from (Is the post title starting to make sense? Hmm, foreshadowing…).

However, sometimes the best inspiration comes from accidental discovery. While taking a break today, I did some websurfing (people still say that, right?). I came across this article from Conde Nast Traveler. While Tesla Trips is only in Oregon and The Gorge (for now…), the article showcases getaways from all over the world. Obviously visually stunning, it also turned out to be a great inspiration. A lot of the imagery from these exotic locales, if you didn’t know better could be in the Gorge. Ranging from the tree house in a Swedish forest to a resort in the desert of Israel. Maybe I’m biased, but… It reminded me of the Mt. Hood National Forest (and the gorge in general) to the dry desert climate east of The Dalles. Which is great not just for beautiful photos, but also important for the Gorge. The climate allows for just about every varietal of grape and hop to be grown in about a 40 mile radius of Hood River. In the end, and with these kinds of results, everyone wins… It’s great to see what makes these exotic locales great and realize how Tesla Trips can share a lot of similar experiences with our guests in the Gorge.

If you need to take a surf break, or need some ‘inspiration’ for the bucket list, I highly recommend it.


“Drive Free”


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