Dodge Viper Falls to the Tesla Model S

Good afternoon, it appears BMW isn’t the only one having to worry about Model S at the race track… The Model S takes off and the Dodge Viper SRT is banished to the Tesla’s rear view (camera) mirror… Now this isn’t the latest generation of the Viper, but still quite an impressive feat. This video was shared with me thanks to Brammo’s twitter page.

“Drive Free”


“All the effort in the world won’t matter, if you’re not inspired.” – Chuck Palahniuk

At Tesla Trips, we believe in creating experiences, not “just tours.” This is something we believe in. We use this ethos for everything. We choose to partner with and endorse other businesses who do the same. Our webpages will soon start revealing some of these great experiences and special treats we will offer our guests. Continue reading & more coming soon!

Hey Tesla Trips Community!

This is Chase, the guru, and I am glad to announce that our website, is live! Now I have gotten some positive feedback, so far but there is still a lot I want to do with it. Feel free to post critiques and suggestions for the site in the comments section. I’m going to be really focusing on streamlining the site in the immediate future. Another big area I want to improve is content on the site. Plus I’ve got a few ideas for special ways our guests can use our website for some great special benefits, but more will come of that in future posts! Continue reading

Model S beats a BMW M5 from 0-100

The Tesla Motors Model S has gathered a lot of interest from both the tech community and the automotive world. Here is evidence of the latter, in which Automobile Magazine drag raced a 2013 BMW M5 vs. the Model S. Needless to say, very impressive. ‘The ultimate driving machine,’ no more?

Mega Factories – Tesla Motors Model S

via Megafactories Tesla Model S (English) – YouTube.

Some of the most amazing features about the Tesla Motors Model S are things that you’ll never even be able to see. This video from National Geographic’s Megafactories goes through the design and manufacturing of Model S. The video covers many of the things that makes it stand out from it’s competitors. Whether that’s comparing it’s technology and range like all electric competitors: the Nissan Leaf or the electric Ford Focus. As well as the more refined and more well known brands like BMW… The Model S has proven itself as an EV and as a luxury sedan. Enjoy.