After 100,000 miles how does a Tesla Model S stand up?

Read the wild story of how Steve Sasman recaps his adventures of owning a Tesla Model S. Everything from taking a 27,615 mile road trip around the U.S. to over 500 Uber trips. Pretty wild to hear how it still performs and his passion for the car along with tips for other owners.


Tesla’s new Model S P100D is not only quick, it’s the first all-electric car with over 300 miles of range — Electrek

Understandably, everyone is focusing on the incredible acceleration of Tesla’s new Model S P100D – 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds – but what is even more interesting, to me at least, is that the Model S is now the first all-electric car with over 300 miles of range. We are talking about an…

via Tesla’s new Model S P100D is not only quick, it’s the first all-electric car with over 300 miles of range — Electrek

Tesla Referral Program

It has been too long since I have posted on here and there are a few reasons for that which will come in upcoming blog posts.

The reason for this recent post has to do with Tesla Motors’ recently announced referral program. For people who are looking to buy a new Model S and are referred they get $1,000 off of their brand new Model S. For the existing owner who refers the new car they get $1,000 credit. Now there are rewards, for the first person to successfully refer 10 people they will get a brand new fully loaded Model X. I have decided to launch a contest myself. If you are looking to buy a new Model S I will not only help you get your $1,000 off, but if you help me become the first to get and win a Model X I will give you the $1,000 I would have received. If that doesn’t happen I am still willing to share for everyone. I’ve attached a break down for getting paid, if we do not achieve that.

If I get a Model X:
You get a $1,000 off your new Model S and $1,000

If were not first to win Model X:

1 car $300
2 cars $350/car
3 cars and more rate can be decided.

Referral for a friend of a friend $100 and $150 for the friend
2 cars 150 and $200 per car

You can fill out the form here:

Tesla’s New Models Will Be Around 50% Cheaper


Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company’s next generation of vehicles would retail for as little as $35,000, or roughly half the price of existing models.

Musk unveiled the price as well as the name of the new electric vehicle, Tesla Model 3, in an interview with Auto Express.

The savings, he said, would come out of a thorough redesign of the vehicle that will cut the size down by 20% and install lighter, cheaper batteries from Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory. It would also limit the range of the vehicle to roughly 200 miles, compared with a range of 265 miles for the Model S.

Tesla tapped British engineer Chris Poritt, formerly of Aston Martin, to oversee the design of the new vehicle, and most essentially its new battery technology, which could put electric cars in the same cost bracket as gas guzzlers.

Tesla expects the…

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Tesla Motors Model S Vs. Aston Martin Rapide

Uncle Sam vs. Union Jack. Preferred ride of Silicon Valley vs. James Bond’s go to whip. Up start futurism vs. old world elegance. Pebble Smartwatch vs. Rolex. Something American vs. Something English… Continue reading

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” – Peter Drucker


Recently I had to take ‘Scarlett’ in for a check up. Primarily, I just wanted to have an unfortunate scratch taken care of. It happened to be a crisp, fall Friday and I had a few errands to run. I needed a loaner car for the day. There just happened to be a couple. One of them caught my eye though… A midnight blue Tesla roadster. I had heard that the service centers were now incorporating them as loaner vehicles. It seemed too good to to be true. Continue reading

OMSI After Dark Event


Last night Tesla Trips was invited to be a vendor at the monthly “OMSI After Dark Series.” An excellent event that was quite busy last night. There were over 20 local breweries and many other local vendors as well. The next one is on October 30th and costumes are recommended for the Halloween theme. Tickets are only $25, which includes a tasting glass and tokens for tasters. It’s one of my personal favorite brewing events. Plus now that the Oregon Zoo no longer does their annual brew fest, I can safely say OMSI’s is my favorite in Portland.

Tesla Motors Lake Oswego Meet Up 09/15/13


Yesterday there was a Tesla Motors sponsored meet up in Lake Oswego. A fairly overcast Sunday with a brief downpour accompanied by some lightning but overall a great turnout. There were quite a few local owners that showed up. Andy from the local Tesla Owners Group, PDX Tesla was there demoing off features of his car to curious people passing by. With the meet up being centrally located in Lake Oswego on a weekend was a great way for people unfamiliar with Tesla Motors to find out more. You can see ‘Scarlett’ in the background.


“The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.” – Confucius

Coming off of today’s news about Tesla’s quarterly revenues, Tesla Motors keeps showing strong, positive growth. Many traders had forcasted Tesla to post a loss of about $0.20 per share. Instead Tesla did literally the opposite and posted a $0.20 per share operating profit. Continue reading